ProdX - How It Works

How It Works

Xecta Artificial Lift Data Processing

How It Works

ProdX works by computing various physics informed analytics on source well data that is provided to the platform via secure web APIs. Users can interact with our results and models through the ProdX web portal or ingrate data into other applications using developer APIs. We offer integrated Single-Sign-On (SSO) using your coporate login so there are no additional credentials to manage.

Data Push

Pus source data from your corporate data stores using our APIs. Documentation, tutorials and SDKS are available for Python, C# and Microsoft Azure Data Factory.

Data Requirements

To take full advantage of ProdX analytics each well should have data related to:

  • Rock Properties
  • Fluid Properties
  • Construction
  • Completion
  • Daily Production
  • ALS SCADA Data (optional)

Data Storage and Security

Your data is securely stored in AWS data centers hosted in the United States. Data is iscolated then encrypted using AES 256 encryption.

Models and Computations

Data is processed in parallel, at scale using the power of the AWS cloud. A well model is automatically generated for each well that has valid data. Results are computed in seconds and the data will be available to the user shortly after computations are completed. Results are recomputed each time a new data is received for a well.


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More information

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Scalable Unconventional Production Surveillance

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